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ECPL’s ECPL’s Carbon Paste is made out of premium grade Calcined Petroleum Coke (manufactured in our captive manufacturing unit ) calcined at 1550 °C which increases Real density & bulk density substantially . These values further improve the quality of the product to suit specially the Electro-thermal Industries like Ferro Alloys – Calcium Carbide – Electric smelting of Pig Iron and other allied industries as the Carbon Electrode paste is required to withstand severe operating conditions of high temperature of electro thermal nature . It ensures lower electrode consumption by 18-20% and thus it is cost - efficient as compared to Carbon Electrode Paste available in domestic & International market .
Carbon Paste as a secondary product is manufactured by Aluminum Industries also, which is not fully suitable for Electro thermal Industries operating at 1800-2000 °C , whereas Aluminum Industries are basically designed to produce Carbon Paste for their low temperature operation of Electrolytic cells at less than 1000 °C .
Hence it is quality wise advantageous for consumer industries to meet their requirements from ECPL, which is exclusively installed to cater their needs.

Quality testing and R & D wing

To conform to high quality standards demanded by the industry , ECPL has set up a comprehensive laboratory , equipped with modern electronic testing equipments , including Universal Testing machine operated by well trained quality testing staff under the guidance of industry experts with decades of experience , Research and Development wing of ECPL functions separately and independently to continuously monitor and implement quality initiatives.

Approach to unique and specific quality requirements

Research and development wing of ECPL also involves itself with addressing customer’s unique quality specification requirements as and when they come up along with prompt customer service . ECPL has well equipped facilities for manufacturing Carbon Paste on Laboratory scale which enables trying out thoughts before full -fledged production takes place .

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