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ELECTRO -CARBONS Paste also widely known as Soderberg Electrode Paste is manufactured from Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) mixed with Coal Tar Pitch as Binder and Anthracene Oil at a predetermined temperature . It is used by industries involved in manufacturing different types of Ferro Alloys , Copper and Calcium Carbide.
Calcined Petroleum Coke is subjected to crushing and screening to various fractions and are classified into various grain size enabling a granular mixture of suitable composition . The Coal-tar pitch which is used as binder is melted and added to the carbon aggregate in the hot molten condition . The mixing of the charge is done in a heated kneader to produce a homogeneous product with desired plasticity of Carbon Paste . The product is cooled for storage / ready for dispatch .

Schematic flow diagram showing various processing steps to get the product

Carbon Paste based on Calcined Anthractite Coal is also manufactured on the same way . Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal based carbon Paste , however has 5% inherent ash contents which amounts to substantially higher consumption of electric energy per ton of finished product produced in an Electric Arc Furnace as compared to use of Calcined Petroleum Coke base Carbon Electrode Paste which has 0.5% ash contents only. High ash content in Arcing Electrode causes higher electric consumption in Electric Arc Furnace . Electricity consumption bill draws highest part of expenditure in producing finished product in an Arc Furnace. As stated , in our specification , our Calcined Petroleum Coke based Carbon Paste offers compatible values to Electrically Calcined Anthracite based Carbon Paste.

ECPL- could supply Carbon Paste of any desired quality specified by consumer industries and generally the Carbon Paste conforms to following specifications :

Apparent Density of Green Paste: 1.75 —1.9gm./cc
Volatile Matter: 12—13%
Ash content: 1% max. (typical 0.5%)
Fixed Carbon: 85% min.
Softening Point of Green Paste: 100—115°C
Porosity: > 26%
Plasticity: 25 — 40%
Swelling: > 7%
Weight loss during baking: 10—11%
Density of Baked Paste: 1.60 – 1.70 gm / cc
Electrical Resistivity: > 50 ohms / mm² / m
Compressive strength: < 250 kg/cm²
Tensile strength: < 30 kg/cm²
Bending Tensile strength: < 50 kg/cm²
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